Meet Our Fitness Team

Meet Our Group Facilitators

Barbara Isrow-Cohen, M.P.H., R.Y.T., H.F.S.

Barbara Isrow-Cohen, M.P.H., R.Y.T., H.F.S.Fasting Weight Management Program, Booster, and Maintenance Program Group Facilitator, Personal Trainer, Yoga Specialist;
Masters of Public Health from San Diego State University, B.S. Accounting, University of Maryland;
Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher, 500 hour level, Health/Fitness Specialist – American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Wellness Coach, Masters Degree in Holistic Health/Nutrition

I have worked at the Positive Choice Wellness Center at Kaiser Permanente since 1996 and I provide a variety of services for Positive Choice. I facilitate Full Fasting Weight Management groups helping people to lose weight using either Optifast 70 or 800. I teach and provide group seminars for the Maintenance Program and Boosters for those who are now maintaining their weight loss. I have close to 30 years of experience and training in physical fitness with a particular focus on Iyengar Yoga. I use these skills to help people lose weight using our H.E.A.T. Healthy Eating and Training Program, and I provide personal training for fitness in Exercise and Nutrition Consultations.

My goal is to help each person develop a healthy lifestyle toolbox that they will use to continue their lifelong health journey. I use the Positive Psychology approach in my groups and individual appointments. This approach focuses on honoring and developing individual strengths, such as gratitude, perseverance, spirituality, zest, prudence, sense of humor, etc. (for more information on Positive Psychology Approach visit, specifically look at VIA Signature Strengths).

Kari McCloskey RD, CPT

Kari McCloskey RD, CPTPartial Fasting Weight Management Program and Weight Maintenance Group facilitator, Personal Trainer, H.E.A.T. – Healthy Eating and Training;
Bachelor’s degree Administrative Dietetics: Loma Linda University, cum laude;
Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer, Diabetes Educator, Childbirth Educator

I have worked at the Positive Choice wellness Center since 1995. I teach Partial Fast Weight Management groups, Maintenance Programs, and Booster Classes. In addition, I provide personal training for those enrolled in the H.E.A.T program and I help people get started in the weight programs providing them with Body Assessment appointments.

Many people think losing weight and getting in shape depends just on their behaviors – what they do or don’t do. I have found both in my personal life and with the people I work with, that achieving health requires a more holistic approach. Real change begins when we are ready mentally and find a balance of mind, body, and soul. It is when we bring the whole of ourselves to the process that great health can be achieved.

I live what I teach. I like sharing short-cuts and techniques that I’ve learned through my 23 years of practice. I enjoy working with people and helping them to follow their unique individual path of wellness.

Norma L. Solomon, B.S., A.S.

Norma L. Solomon, B.S., A.S.Personal Trainer, Body Analysis Specialist, Muscle Toning, Yoga, and Simple Yoga instructor;
Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology, Emphasis in Exercise, Nutrition, and Health: San Diego State University;
Associates of Science Degree in Exercise Science: Cuyamaca Community College;
Aerobic and Fitness Association of America Exercise Certification, 1987;
Aquatic Exercise Association Certification, 1999;
Yoga Fit Certification, 1999;
Fit Ball Certification, 2000

I have worked at the Positive Choice Wellness Center for 15 years and at Kaiser Permanente for 28 years. I started my career at Positive Choice primarily as a Body Analysis Specialist, which is something I still do. I help people who are entering the medical weight management programs set their target goal weights and help them get started in a weight loss group. I also re-test people once they have achieved their weight loss goals. This work has always been rewarding for me. Every day I see people achieve life-time dreams and that experience motivated me to achieve a long-time goal for myself – a degree in Exercise Science. I had taught yoga and fitness for over two decades and obtained several certifications. I wanted to be able to work with people individually helping them to achieve fitness goals. After I earned my degree I started doing personal training at Positive Choice. I also provide Fitness Testing and I teach Muscle Toning, Yoga, and Simple Yoga classes.

My philosophy is to respect yourself and your body with healthy movement, fresh foods, an up-beat and positive attitude, and a life-time of safe exercise. I see my role as spreading positive energy and motivation to the people I work with so that they live well stay active, believe in themselves, and connect that they are beautiful!